Thursday, May 22, 2008

Definition Essay: The Real Meaning of Teamwork

When you here of the word teamwork what is the first thing that comes to your mind. To me I think of a group of people working together as a team to try and accomplish something that they have in mind. Some people don’t realize it but teamwork is around them at every time every day. It occurs whether you’re at work, school, at home, at a store, basically anywhere around you. Teamwork is an important element to use when needed because mostly everything that you do around you involves the help of a group of people. Whether its two or three you have to be able to work as a team unless it’s a one man job that you could do by your self then you don’t need a group of people. I have used teamwork a lot In my life throughout my years. Some of the time I didn’t even know I was using it.

One day we had to assemble a garage for one of our neighbors. We gathered up all our tools that we needed and we began working. We first needed to make sure it was leveled so we had to dig in the grass so we can make it flat. My cousin and I were digging together so we can finish faster. He did one side and I did the other and we even helped each other out. My brother and my dad were beginning to put the boards on the bottom as my cousin and I finished digging and leveling. My godfather evened the boards out and put them in place and leveled them using a leveling tool. We finished that part rather quick, it was still hard work but we all worked together and helped each other out if we needed it.

After this part was done we all started getting the pieces together to see what goes with what. Like the doors and the roof and the sides of it. We began with the bottom pieces and started screwing them together so they would hold tight and not fall off. As my dad and my brother worked on one segment of the garage, I began working on the door. I began screwing the two doors together by my self. Once I was done with it my cousin realized that I had put the wrong pieces together and he helped me out with it. We took it all apart and put it on together and finally it was on the right way. If it wasn’t for my cousin I would have put it on the wrong way and we would have wasted time. We all worked really hard and helped each other. I helped my cousin by screwing on the screws on the pieces of the garage. We finished putting it together before dark and it was well organized that the owner paid us for the job. We completed the job as a team because we all worked together on it and helped each other out. This is what teamwork really is in life when people work together.

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